Friday, February 4, 2011

Tea for Tears...

Yes...a pot of Earl Grey, toast with peanut butter and Maple syrup, and a box of tissues are the first aid kit of any broken heart. It's that simple...if you allow it. Other people turn to stronger brews but this serves only to temporarily deaden the pain.Tea's warmth in times when you feel you have stepped into an emotional Siberian snowstorm has no equal. Cups and cups of it... flowing down your digestive tract, close to where your heart lies bleeding. Gently the warmth embraces, washing away the debris of turmoiled thoughts that blow like dry leaves around the cavity that was once him, or her. Tea can uplift a torpid spirit, quell the tides of depression, cool the temper, and fan a feeling that despite everything, all is exactly as it should be...and that's when we reach for another cup.I speak from repeated experience.

It brings to mind age twelve, racing around an asphalt quad and a spectacular somersault that had me breaking the fall with the palms of my hands. Holding my hands before me, now a bloody, gorey mess of shredded skin and tiny stones, I walked tightlipped and dead pale to the Nun's Tea Room. Many gentle tut-tuts and cluckings later, and surely two litres of very sweet tea too, I was feeling euphoric! This only lasted until about exactly the time the doctor started shoving needles into me and picking out the stones with a long steel sweezers! I screamed and cried like a three year old until someone had the bright idea of making me a strong sweeeet cup of tea....:-)

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